Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Myers Mouths Off to Reporters

Last weekend Phillies closer Brett Myers gave up 2 home runs in the ninth inning to the wild-card-leading San Diego Padres. Myers blew that game and was frustrated with himself and took it out on Sam Carachidi, a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. The trouble started when Carachidi questioned Myers about an earlier comment in the clubhouse, said by Myers, about the 2 homers being popups. Myers replied, "Yeah, didn't you? Do you think they crush them?" Carchidi then said, "The first one I thought was out. The second one I didn't." That is when Myers got fired up, "Yeah, because you're a (expletive) retard. You don't know (expletive) about (expletive) baseball. You're filling in for somebody." Carchidi answered,"How do you spell retard?" Myers then spat back, "You know how to spell it. It's in your (expletive) vocabulary. I'm sure you know." Carchidi then said,"You are classy, I'll tell you." Myers then said,"All right, go home. Out of here, (expletive) idiot." Carchidi then said,"You're the (expletive) idiot." That was when they were seperated. Myers then apologized about calling Carchidi an retard instead of a idiot. But Myers did say he would not apologize about what he said to Carchidi. In an interview with NBC 10 Carchidi said he felt sorry for Myers and that his anger management classes were not working.
Brett Myers needs to calm his temper down. He sounds like he was acting like a little kid in his verbal spout with Carchidi. He said that Carchidi is just some high school reporter who tried to stir things up. First of all, Carchidi has been covering high school sports for 30 years, so he isn't some amateur trying to shke things up. Second, Myers was the one who stirred things up by calling his homers he gave up popups. Myers is smart enough to predict that a reporter might bring that up. Myers is known to have a bad temper. Last year in Boston, Myers was accused of beating his wife. I also feel sorry for Myers because he has so much talent but a short fuse.


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  2. you got some cool stuff here

    Myers came off like a true a-hole...perhaps he needs a woman to hit....

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  3. Totally classless on Myers' part. Hopefully somebody can teach him a thing or two about media relations...

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