Monday, August 6, 2007

Still Waiting on Beckham

David Beckham did not play last night in his expected MLS debut against Toronto FC. Beckham has not started for the LA Galaxy. Beckham still has an injured left ankle. Beckham did not dress for yesterdays game. I think Beckham will HELP soccer become a bigger sport in America. But he can't do it alone, other good players need to come and play in the MLS. Also kids in this generation need to dream to play in the MLS. Beckham will draw a major fan base his first season but next season he will be old news. Many people think Beckham is coming here because he is washed up but last season he came back from an injury to help Real Madrid win the Spanish league. What the MLS needs to do is to make U.S soccer fans MLS fans. A lot of American soccer fans, including me, are fans of European clubs. Beckham will help revoulotionize American soccer, but he will need help.


  1. I've never been a huge becks fan, but i think he is the ultimate professional and he is the right guy to make MLS big in the country, and i agree with you MLS has to make american soccer fans that support european teams interested in MLS.

    I think that every fan of the EPL (except spurs fans) were sad to see Henry go, I was very sad that he left and i'm a Liverpool fan.

    I've linked you up.

  2. Good article striper. I prefer the Premiership. It is very hard to watch MLS games. I can watch most other leagues but I cannot watch MLS. To low a level of play. The key for them is to keep the U-21's in MLS. After what they did in the Youth Cup there are a lot of European clubs looking at them. They are the future, but in my opinion they are better off going overseas to learn for the World Cup in 2010. What do you think? Keep them or let them go?

    I understand that you are an Arsenal fan? How do you think life without Henry will be? They will be better as a team, they are very fast and good. But, they did not add anyone. Everyone else around them got better though. Liverpool is going to be much better, so is Spurs. Plus the rest of the league is a lot stronger this year. I think you will be challenging for the top 4. If your not in the top 4 than Wenger and most of your team is gone next year. No Champions League Football. Very important year for Arsenal. What do you think?

    I am a United fan. If we stay healthy and take advantage of Chelsea's injury bug the first month than we can jump out pretty quickly and stay out in front. If not than it is going to be a tough season. I like Liverpool for 2nd, Chelsea for 3rd and Spurs for 4th. Spurs are very Hungry, defense is not good, but they are confident.