Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AFC East Preview

Here are my prediction for the AFC East:

AFC East

1.New England Patriots

2007 record: 16-0

Projected record: 13-3

Team overview: The Patriots still have a very good team. They should easily win this division. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the league. Randy Moss is the best wide receiver. Wes Welker lead the league in receptions last season. What more do I have to say. The Patriots offensive line may be the best in the league.

Their defense is aging quickly however. Tedy Bruschi is not the player he once was. Rodney Harrison is still one of the most feared safeties in the league, but how much longer can he still perform at a top level. Mike Vrabel is a tackling machine. Look for him to do the same this season.

2. New York Jets

2007 record: 4-12

Projected record: 10-6

Team overview: This team really struggled last season, but I think they can turn it around. Brett Farve (above) will play consistent enough if he can stay healthy. Running back Thomas Jones had a disappointing season last year, but he will better with the new-look offensive line. The Jets added Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca and Daimen Woody to the O-line. Lavernues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery are good wide receivers.

The Jets also upgraded their defensive line. Calvin Pace (6 1/2 sacks last season) and Kris Jenkins (2 1/2 sacks) will get to the quarterback in a hurry. Free safety Kerry Rhodes will emerge as a top defensive back this season.

3. Buffalo Bills

2007 record: 7-9

Projected record: 7-9

Team overview: The Bills would be a playoff team if they had a decent quarterback. But since they're going with Trent Edwards, they'll finish below .500. The rest of the offense is pretty good. Marshawn Lynch had a breakout rookie season, and should carry the offense this season. Lee Evans is their only good wideout.

The Bills acquired linebacker Kawika Mitchell, who is excellent rushing the passer. The Bills overall defense is average.

4. Miami Dolphins

2007 record: 1-15

Projected record: 3-13

Team overview: The Dolphins lost their two top players (Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas), so how are they going to get two more wins than last year. Well, they definitely get an upgrade at quarterback with Chad Pennington. They have a good 1-2 punch at running back, with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. If both those injury-prone go down early, the Dolphins will be lucky to win a game. Ted Ginn is their top wideout, that is NOT a good thing.

Joey Porter is their only proven defensive player. The rest of the defense is a bit shaky, to say the least.

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