Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jackson Better Learn

I'm sorry I haven't wrote about the Cowboy game but I just didn't have a chance earlier this week. Plus, I wanted to let it sink in for a few days before I wrote about it. It was one of the most exciting Eagles games in the last two seasons. The Eagles did look good in the game. McNabb just made a simple mistake on that fumble on a hand off to Westbrook.

But I didn't write this article to give a report of the game, I wanted to talk about Desean Jackson's touchdown blunder. People say, "It's just a rookie mistake." No, it's not a rookie mistake. If I was a rookie in the NFL, and in only my second game, I would make sure I got across that goal line before I even thought about celebrating. I don't see any other rookies making mistakes like that.

I was so infuriated by Jackson's antics that I might have benched him for the rest of the game if I was Andy Reid. I know he is their best receiver, but he has to learn that stupid moves like that will not be tolerated in the NFL (this isn't UCLA). Get that cocky smirk off your face Jackson, start playing the game like a professional, not a selfish child like a certain Cowboy wideout.

If I was Andy Reid I would have Jackson come into practice on Tuesday at 4:00am and tell him to sprint the entire field ten times. That might get the cockiness out of his thick cranium.

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