Monday, September 29, 2008

Eagles Suffer Loss

Watching the Eagles in the last two games was complete torture. McNabb didn't look good on Sunday night against a old and injured Bears D. That scared me and many other devout followers of the Philadelphia Eagles. He completed 25 passes out of 41 attempts.

The Eagles didn't deserve to win the game last night. They deserved to lose 24-20 to a mediocre Chicago team (and that's exactly what they did). They missed multiple chances to score a touchdown when they were in the red zone. They had first and goal from the one or two yard line, and they still didn't score that long-awaited touchdown. Sickening.

They made many mistakes. Desean Jackson had another "rookie moment" when he dropped a punt. He also didn't go after a punt (he let it bounce), and that pinned the Eagles deep into their own territory. He has been returning punts since his time at Cal, but he looks like he never even understood how to.

David Akers missed two kicks as well. When Akers was at his best, he would have nailed those two kicks and the Eagles would have won the game. I wouldn't trust Akers with a kick over 35 yards out, let a lone a long field goal to win an important playoff game.

That was a glimpse at what the Eagles offense is without the savior Brian Westbrook. They had no running game with Buckhalter. Without him, they literally had no running game because of a strange lack of ball carrier.

I am sorry to say that this team does not look like a playoff team. They make too many mistakes (usually at vital points in the game). They looked especially terrible in this game.

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  1. DeSean went to Cal, not UCLA.

    Killer blog ya got here though - add ours!