Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hull City?

This is my first article on the Premier League (English soccer) this season but I will start writing many more. In case you didn't know, I follow the Premier League club Arsenal. I watched their debacle on television this morning on Fox Soccer Channel and it was downright disgusting for any fan of Arsenal.

First-place Arsenal was taking on a Hull City club fresh from promotion. Many experts had Arsenal beating Hull City by at least three goals, some said six wouldn't be out of range. The game was at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal has only lost one game since moving into the Emirates.

2-1 Hull City. That was the final score. Premier league titan Arsenal going down to Hull City. Hull City had been surprising, sprinting out to seventh place. They drew Liverpool at home as well. Do we have a sleeper on our hands?

Arsenal had so many chances to score late in the game. Kolo Toure and Robbie Van Persie both blew chances in the final minutes to seal the victory for Hull. Nobody had even scored against Arsenal at the Emirates this season. Yet Hull City goes and scores two goals without a second thought and get the three points.

I've seen Arsenal play this kind of game before, but not against so weak an opponent. Sometimes it seems as if Arsenal is lulled to sleep by its own play, thinking they will win the game easily. But then an underdog goes in and takes the game from right under their noses without them even stirring.

I hadn't even heard that much at all about Hull City since I've been following soccer. But I'm sure not going to forget them now.

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