Monday, September 29, 2008

The Phillies 5 Keys to the Series

This will be a tough series for the Phillies. The Milwaukee Brewers are a talented team that definitely has the capability of beating the Phils. Here are five things the Phillies must do if they want to advance to the Championship Series (not in order of importance):

1. Take advantage of the Brewers weaker pitchers
This is an obvious one. The Phillies need to jump on whoever (Yovani Gallardo) starts for the Brew Crew in game one. Because the most dominant pitcher in baseball, C.C. Sabathia (upper left), will be awaiting the Phillies in game two. I know people say his arm is tired because he has been working on short rest, but let's not take a chance.

2. Hit with runners in scoring position
Another obvious one, but something the Phillies failed to do against the Rockies last postseason. They need their big bats (Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell) to drive in runs in the clutch. Rollins and Utley need to get on base to allow them to do that, however.

3.Cole needs to be on his game in game one and beyond
Hamels has been a little unpredictable this season, so he needs to be deadly consistent. As I said, a victory in game one is vital. Hamels needs to be at his best to shut down a powerful Brewers offense that includes Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun.

4. Keep the Brewer hitters guessing
Hamels, Myers, and Moyer need to mix up the pitches against the Brewers powerful hitters. You have to throw changeup 3-2. Start off the at bat with a curveball. I don't care. Just don't let the Brewers know what's coming because, with most of the lineup, one swing of the bat can change the game.

5. Get the ball to Lidge
The bullpen needs to try its best to get to Lidge in the ninth unscathed. People will say "Lidge isn't perfect." Well, yes he is (make that 41 for 41). Use only the reliable relief pitchers like Madson and Romero.

Honorable Mentions

Don't use Rudy Seanez
For obvious reasons.

Use Matt Stairs
Because every useless fly ball he hits looks like a homer (I've never seen somebody swing so hard.) He could bring the Phillie fans back into the game if the Brewers start winning.

Win three out of the five games

If you can translate this, I will be amazed.


  1. three things:

    Yovanni Gallardo will be pitching for the Brew Crew

    Lidge is 41-41

    And the thing in wingdings means win 3 out of 5.

  2. At the time of the post, I did not know who was starting for the Brewers, being as they hadn't said. I will fix the Lidge stat. And you are right about the wingdings.