Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lidge Wins Award but Burrell Hurting

Congratulations to Phillies closer Brad Lidge. He has won the 2008 Comeback Player of the Year Award. He deserved to, what with him being perfect and all. He has 41 saves in as many opportunities. You can't do better if your a closer (shut up K-Rod). he has done exactly what the Phillies have asked him to do: Not blow a save in the red pinstripes.

There is some alarming news for Phillies fans, however. Pat Burrell left practice early today, complaining of back pain. He reportedly took one batting practice swing, and the pain ensued. This is horrible news. Burrell is one of the Phils' top RBI machines, and he might not be able to go tomorrow afternoon in the first game against the Brewers. The Phillies' training staff will check in on his back tomorrow before the came, and see if he can go.

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