Saturday, September 27, 2008

NL East Champs!!!!!

The Phillies have just won their second consecutive NL East Title with their win earlier today. The Phillies will welcome October baseball once again. I was happy (but not surprised that the Phillies jumped out to an early lead. But the end of the game, now that was nerve racking!

Brad Lidge, thank god you got that final double play ball. I thought that ball was going to squirt through the middle and the National were going to take away the Phillies moment of glory. Jimmy Rollins stopped all that with his athletic play and toss to Utley, who then majestically threw the ball to the September hero Ryan Howard. And if he doesn't win his second MVP Award.

I had been checking the Mets-Marlins score all afternoon on, and I had been disappointed by the Mets victory. But that's all moot now. The Fightins' are IN.

Yes, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Pat the Bat, J-Roll and all the rest, you can now dream of a Fall Classic because I know everyone in Philly will. You must do better than you did in Colorado one year ago. A sweep equals failure.

Phillie fans (including me will not tolerate an early playoff exit. Last year we were just happy to still be playing but this year we want success in the postseason.

Let's Go Phils!

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