Friday, September 12, 2008

Monday Night Showdown

The Eagles are taking a nice trip to Dallas to visit the Cowboys (Cowgirls if you prefer). I know it's only week two and the games don't mean too much, but the Eagles would be in good shape if they can come up with a win late Monday night in Dallas. This will be a tough and hard-fought game, as all games between these two teams are.

I find it funny that the Cowboys obnoxiously call themselves 'America's team'. Their top wideout is a psychopath (T. Booooo). Pacman Jones is a criminal, and so is Tank (full of guns) Johnson. Yes, because that really represents America. Cowboy fans may say the Eagles aren't the cleanest team in the world, but then again we don't call ourselves America's team.

All the papers in Philly are talking about what could have happened had T.O. stuck around. I'm just plain tired of it. He left Philly in 2006 and people are still talking about it like it happened last season. The amazing part about it is that Donavan McNabb is still entertaining the question. If I was McNabb I would give a dull Andy Reid answer. Something like, "We're only talking about this season."

There's a lot of hype surrounding this game (mostly because it's on ESPN, and you know what happens when they get a hold of something). But the question is who will win the game (oh yeah, there's a game going on in the middle of all this hype)? I'm nervous. I say the game is wide open, and which ever team that comes out better from the locker room will win. But that's like saying whoever wins will score more points. And, although I'll be rooting for the Eagles, I think it's a tossup.

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