Friday, September 26, 2008

The End of the Millen "Error"

The Detroit Lions have finally fired team president Matt Millen. Millen made the Lions one of the most futile teams in American sports. He spent seven years ruining the Lions. The Lions are 31-84 during Millen's tenure.

Millen was criticized as one of the worst drafters in the NFL. For some reason, he believed that drafting talented receivers in the opening rounds would help his team succeed. You would think that a team of the Lions (lack of) caliber would draft a quarterback that they could build a winning team with. Millen drafted wideout Charles Rodgers with the second overall pick in the 2003 Draft. He then went on to pick Roy Williams in '04 and Calvin Johnson in '07.

The Detroit fans started to get restless (to say the lest) with Millen. Hundreds of fans brought signs to the games saying "Fire Millen." And with good reason, because the best record the Lions had with Millen was 5-11.

But still Millen stayed and lost, stayed and lost, and stayed and lost. If I were a Lions' fan, I would've questioned the sanity of the owner William Clay Ford. The Lions turned into one of the most notorious bottom-feeders in professional sports. They were on level with the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, and the Tampa Bay Rays (until this season).

This may be the first step in the bettering of the Detroit Lions. No, they won't be good the rest of this season, or next season. or probably the next season after that. But they can't get much worst.

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