Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Angels Get Teixeira

The Angels have just pulled of a massive deal with the Braves.  The blockbuster sent Braves first baseman Mark Teixeira (right, while on the Texas Rangers) to the Angels for first baseman Casey Kotchman and a minor league pitcher Stephen Marek.  

Texeira is having a good year so far.  He is batting .282 with 20 homers along with 78 RBIs.  He is the kind of power bat the Angels need in their lineup to become a World Series team.  Kotchman is batting .287 with 12 homers and 54 RBIs.  Marek isn't even considered a top prospect in the Angels' organization.  As far as I'm concerned, the Angels got a top notch player for a bargain price.

I don't get this.  The Braves give up one of their best players and get a decent first baseman and a O.K. prospect.  Are you kidding me?  I don't know why the Braves were so eager to ship Teixeira away.  He doesn't become a free agent until 2010.  Rumor has it that the Angels are trying to work out a long term deal with Teixeira.

The Angels already have the best record in the majors.  They're running away with their division.  They are ahead by 12 games in their AL West division.  This move makes them easily the favorite to win the World Series.  This move shows that the Angels are not afraid to do what most teams are hesitant about: going all out to put the best team together this year and win the World Series this year.

Will this be the last major move before the trading deadline?  I doubt it.  Their are many premier players still on the market.  Among them, Manny Ramirez and Matt Holliday are the most intriguing.  The Mets are reportedly interested in Holliday.  But I don't think they have enough to give the Rockies in return.  Manny Ramirez going to the Phillies?  Click here to read what I think about that.

I will keep you posted on any other major deadline deals.

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