Monday, July 28, 2008

Eagles Training Camp Preview

I know this preview is a little late because the Eagles veterans reported on Thursday.  It may be a little more interesting in Lehigh this year than most.  Here are some questions that are facing the Eagles as they get ready for the coming season:

1. Asante Samuel strained his hamstring during the first team workout.  Will he be ready for this season?

They Eagles poured a lot into Samuel, and they better hope he can play.  He is listed as day-to-day, so he shouldn't miss too much time.  Samuel does not have a history with hamstring problems, so don't expect this injury to linger.

Even if Samuel misses some time, the Eagles have a more-than-capable cornerback in former Pro Bowler Lito Sheppard.                                  

2. Brian Westbrook is obviously upset about his current contract situation, will it affect his play?

Westbrook knows he deserves more money than what the Eagles are paying them.
But getting the Eagles to fork up money is like pulling teeth. Westbrook is in camp and I don't
think his contract will get in the way of his play.

3 Lito Sheppard recently hired a new agent (Drew Rosenhaus), and is obviously
unhappy being a backup. What will happen with him?

Lito definitely isn't happy, and why should he be? He is a premium NFL cornerback and
could start on ANY other team in the league. I think he will be traded midseason. He will
probably demand a trade, and the Eagles will be happy to oblige.

If the Eagles start off the season poorly, they may hang Sheppard out as trade bait.

4. Will Donavan McNabb go through the season injury-free?

So here we are with the yearly question. McNabb is not number one on this list, so that's
good. I actually think McNabb will have a healthy and productive season. He is still the key
to the Eagles' success. McNabb may miss a game, but that's healthy by his standard.

5. Will Desean Jackson have a major impact on the Eagles this season?

I think Desean Jackson will have a breakout rookie season. He is absolutely lightning
quick. He will be the return man for the Eagles. I think he has a Devin Hester-like return 
potential. I also think he will be a good target for McNabb.

I hope to make it to a practice this season.

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