Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just Stop Farve

So, Favre, you missing football yet.  We've all heard it by now:  Favre apparently is interested in coming out of retirement.  The Packers may not be as interested however.  Favre text the Packers general manager and asked to talk to him about possibly joining the team again.  GM Ted Thompson said they would talk after he was done vacationing.  You would think that if the future-Hall-of-Fame quarterback wanted to rejoin the Packers, Ted Thompson would jump out of his beach chair and hightail it back to Green Bay.

Favre flirted with retirement last offseason, leaving his team in limbo for quite awhile.  Then, at the end of this season, Favre held a tear-filled news conference about how it was time for him to let the game go.  The Packers thought that the Favre era was done right there.

But no, Favre now wants to crawl back to the team that made him famous.  The Packers may not be jumping at the opportunity to make Favre their quarterback.  The Packers look perfectly content to let Aaron Rodgers run the offense.  But now they are in a sticky situation.  The face of their organization for what seemed like forever, wants to continue to be the face.  

Favre is trying to make this like a soap opera, with the text messages and the little hints on various radio shows.  Farve is trying to make Packers management look like the bad guys, if they don't welcome Favre back with open arms.  And because of that, the Packers shouldn't feel obligated to bring Farve back aboard the Packer ship.  

Somebody needs to explain to Favre that a professional football team isn't the kind of thing where you can come and go as you please.  The team, in this case the Packers, can't just keep accommodating you whenever you feel the urge to leave or join the team.  I know you are a fan favorite and legend in Green Bay.  I know you can still contribute to a NFL team, but maybe it's time for Green Bay to move on.  They have already made changes to the offense to accommodate Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers should tell Favre that their not interested in him and that he should shop himself to other teams.  I know that the fan base won't like it, but sometimes you have to do what's best for the organization.  It's time to let Rodgers have his turn, but Brett Favre keeps hogging the carousel that is quarterbacking in the NFL. 

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  1. Your blog seems reasonably solid. Not too busy, and not too complicated or busy. Your articles appear to be clear, easy to read, and without a lot of invective and judgment. Solid stuff. I just started blogging myself a couple of months ago, and I'm still learning.

    Did not realize that Favre was reconsidering. I agree with you entirely. This is a business. By the way, I love Redding Terminal. Great food. Good luck with Elton Brand. Played for the Clippers when I lived in Los Angeles. The Clippers never seem to be able to properly utilize talent. Hope Philly uses him better.