Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Forward in Philly

Elton Brand is going to be a Sixer.  He gave the Sixers a verbal agreement last night and should sign a contract today.  The Sixers hope that the addition of Brand will make them a real contender.  I think it will.  Assuming they sign restricted free agent Andre Igoudala, this is what their starting lineup would be:

PG Andre Miller
SG Andre Igoudala
SF Thaddeus Young
PF Elton Brand
C   Samuel Dalembert

I like that starting lineup.  You got Andre Miller at point guard, one of the best assist guys in the league.  He'll find Brand open down under.  Igoudala at shooting guard, he was the Sixers top scorer last season with a shade below 20 per game.  Thaddeus Young at small forward, he really got it going late last season, averaging double-digits in the playoffs.  Of course, Elton Brand at the other forward position.  Then you put Dalembert at center, he averaged a double-double last season.  Not only do I think this move will improve the offense, the defense also looks pretty good.  With Brand and Dalembert in the frontcourt, nobody is going to score easy baskets in the paint.  Igoudala is also a fine defender.

The Sixers will also have a good bench.  Guard Willie Green (12 points per game last season) will be good off the bench.  Young Guard Louis Williams (11 points per game) was a pleasant surprise last season, look for him to step in when Miller needs a break.  Forward/master rebounder Reggie Evans (7.5 rebounds per game) will step in to give Brand a blow.  Forward Jason Smith, who was a rookie last season, should also see some playing time

Starting this season, I think the Sixers will prove to be one of the elite teams in the East.  They are not yet up to Celtic level, but they size up pretty well with the other top teams in the East.  The Cavaliers are good, but if you can shut down Lebron with good defense, then you should beat them.  The Pistons have great chemistry and talent at all positions, but are getting old.  Those are the teams I see to give a challenge to the Sixers (good thing their not in the West).  

The Sixers, at best, could finish second or third in the East.  At worst, they could finish fourth or fifth.  That is if Brand can stay healthy, which he didn't do last season.  Brand played in a mere eight games because of a ruptured Achilles tendon.  

Overall, this is a good move by the Sixers.  They needed a go-to guy down low and they certainly got it with Brand.  This move should help them become a major contender in the East.   


  1. This is awesome for Philly and they are gonna be much, much better for it. Do you agree that they need more shooters still though?

  2. Makes Philly a top team in the East. Gotta feel for Baron though, him and Brand would have been a good combo in LA. Congrats to Philly though.

  3. Yeah, definitely a great move. I do agree that they need a perimeter shooter. I heard they might do a sign and trade with Igoudala.