Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interview With Sporting News Expert

I have just finished a phone interview with Sporting News writer Matt Crossman. Matt is one of Sporting News' top writers. Here is some of my interview with him.

Q: How did you get your job at Sporting News?

A: I worked at a couple of different newspapers for six years. I moved to St. Louis and none of the papers were hiring. I had never wrote about sports before, but I was a big sports fan. Sporting News was hiring and I applied. They basically gave me a English test and a sports knowledge test, and I passed.

Q: Do you have any sports writing tips?

A: First thing, most sports fans already read the sports page, sports websites, and sports magazines. Read other things, like novels and magazines like Time and Esquire.

Q: What's your opinion on the Brett Favre soap opera?

A: (Laughs) I think he is making himself look like an idiot. He should fulfill his contract. If he signs with a team, he should play for the team. The Packers aren't helping themselves either. Everybody loses. He loses. The Packers lose. The fans lose.

Q: You were just at the Colts training camp. What the latest from there?

A: The big story was what didn't happen. There's a article in the magazine about this. Peyton wasn't there. (Dwight) Freeny and (Bob) Sanders were there but weren't practicing because of injury. Injuries are the big story there. The three best guys need to get healthy and ready for the season.

Q: Who are your World Series picks?

A: The Red Sox if Manny stays. If Manny goes and they get Jason Bay, which might happen, I still think the Red Sox. The Cubs are the best team in the National League. It will come down to Red Sox-Angels in the American League and Cubs-Phillies in the National League.

Q: Will there be any more major deals before today's baseball trade deadline?

A: This might be one of the biggest years, as far as trades go. A lot of future-Hall of Famers are moving. Pudge is a future-Hall of Famer. Manny might be traded. Griffey might be traded. That's what I love about this business, there's something different everyday.

Q: What's your NASCAR prediction for Pocono this weekend?

A: It will be terribly, terribly boring. The racers who do good at Michigan, usually do good at Pocono. Jimmy Johnson or Kyle Bush, because they're the best drivers.

Q: Who do you think will win the Chase for the Cup?

A: Kyle Bush, he has been faraway the best this season.

Q: Biggest surprise in NASCAR this season?

A: Kyle Bush. Kyle was good before, but his dominating everything this season.

Q: Biggest disappointment?

A: That's a good question. The Penske cars aren't doing well. Neither are going to make the top twelve. (Jeff) Gordon hasn't really come close to winning anything. He has won at least one race every year since 1994. If he doesn't continue the streak, that would be a big story.

Q: Which big name will not make it into the top 12 this year?

A: Gordon will make it. Tony Stewart needs to work to get in. Probably Kevin Harvick is the biggest name.

Q: How do you think the Eagles will do this season?

A: I've been waiting for Donavan McNabb to slow down. (Brian) Westbrook is as good an all-around a back as there is. Andy Reid is a top notch coach. (Defensive Cordinator) Jimmy Johnson is a good coach. They are a playoff team. The Eagles play in a tough division, which is tough to predict.

Q: Do you think Adam (Pacman) Jones will work out in Dallas?

A: Assuming he gets reinstated, Pacman will probably fly under the radar. He knows if he gets into trouble, he will be out. The Cowboys are giving him a second chance, or a fifth chance. He's playing on a great team. He's a good player and the Cowboys are good top-to-bottom. I think he'll have a quiet first year.

Q: Who will win the NL East?

A: The Phillies. They have so much fire power on offense. They will have the last three MVPs on offense. The Mets don't have a good rotation. Pedro (Martinez) is always hurt. The Phillies lineup is too deep.

Q: Which team is more improved after their trade(s): Miluakee with Sabathia, Cubs with Harden, the Angels with Teixeira, or the Yankees with Nady and Pudge?

A: The Brewers definitely. Rich Harden is too much of a question. The Angels are already the best team in the league. The Yankees' players don't blow you away. C.C. (Sabathia) is one of the best pitchers in baseball. The Brewers now have the best 1-2 punch.

I would like to thank Matt Crossman for letting me interview him.

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