Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brand to Sixers?

ESPN reports that the Sixers are entering the bidding war for talented free agent Elton Brand.  The 29-year old big man is a unrestricted free agent and is the best player on the market.  ESPN reports that the Sixers, already 11 million under the cap, will free up even more money by trading away guard Rodney Carney and center Calvin Booth.  The Sixers are competing with the Los Angeles Clippers (Brand's team last season) and the Golden State Warriors for Brand.  The Clippers and Warriors currently have more money under the cap then the Sixers but the Sixers could have up to 15 million if they trade away Carney and Booth.  ESPN reports that the Sixers are working out a deal that would send the players to Minnesota.

The Brand situation is a bit complex.  Brand opted out of his contract with the Clippers that would have paid him 16.5 million this season.  He wanted the Clippers to pick up someone else to complement him.  The Clippers certainly did that when they signed point guard Baron Davis away from Golden State.  The Clippers thought that would be enough to lure Brand back.  But then Golden State offered him a deal and now the Sixers are interested.

The Sixers say that they will do all they can to sign Brand, who is a force in the paint.  If they can not sign Brand, then the Sixers will continue their hunt for forward Josh Smith. 

Elton Brand played in only eight games last season because of injury.  In the 06-07 season, Brand averaged 20 points and a shade under 10 rebounds.  Over the course of nine seasons, Brand is averaging a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds.  

The Sixers should do their best to try to sign Brand.  Brand would have more of a positive impact than the other free agent the Sixers are targeting (Josh Smith).  Just think of the combination of Samuel Dalembert and Elton Brand in the front court.  I'm not saying that adding Josh Smith wouldn't be an improvement, but he seems like another Andre Igoudala.  You need different kinds of players to make a team work.

The Sixers should trade away Rodney Carney and Clavin Booth, if it gets them closer to signing Elton Brand.

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