Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pudge Headed to Bronx

The Yankees have been looking for a catcher because Jorge Posada is having a season-ending surgery.  Looks like they found their man.  The Yanks will receive Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez (right) from the Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers will get relief pitcher Kyle Farnsworth.  Pudge is having a good season, batting .295 with five homers and 32 RBIs.  Certainly not as good as the old Pudge, but good compared to most catchers.  Farnsworth is a middle reliever with a 3.65 ERA.

The Yankees have certainly been buyers this year.  They already traded for Xavier Nady.  Pudge is definitely a step up from their starting catcher now (Jose Molina).  Remember in my midseason report, I picked the Yankees to win the AL East.  And that was before the acquired Nady and Rodriguez. 

The trade deadline is tomorrow at 4 p.m.  I will keep you posted on any other major trades.

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