Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Name Game

As you probably know, the Seattle SuperSonics are moving to Oklahoma City.  The new Oklahoma City team will not be named the Sonics, nor will they share the same colors.  The NBA recently announced that they have trademarked the new team names to the Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder, and Wind.

These seem like pretty pathetic names.  Come on, the Wind?  Their slogan's going to be: we're gonna blow you away.  The fans on one side of the arena stand up and blow softly to create a eerie wind in the arena.  I also saw that the Oklahoma state waltz is called the Oklahoma Wind.  Not really an imposing team name.

No offense to the WNBA or the MLS, but the Energy sounds like it should be in women's basketball or Major League Soccer.  Marshalls is a bit too long.  My limit for team names is seven or eight letters.  The Bison and Thunder are alright.

I've come up with a couple good team names.  How about the Oklahoma City Outlaws or the Oklahoma City Wranglers.  I was also thinking about the Oklahoma City Pistols, but I don't think the NBA wants to encourage young fans (or their players for that matter) to buy pistols.  The Oklahoma City Slickers also rolls off the tongue.

The Oklahoma state game bird is the Wild Turkey(above).  That could be interesting: the Oklahoma City Wild Turkeys.  For more Oklahoma symbols click here.

I encourage you to contribute other creative names for the new Oklahoma City basketball team.

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