Friday, July 25, 2008

Nady Headed to the Bronx

ESPN reports that the Yankees made a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Yanks get outfielder Xavier Nady and Pitcher Damaso Marte.  The Yankees will ship four minor leaguers from the Pirates.  Xavier Nady (right) is quietly having a great season.  He is batting .330 with 13 homers to go along with 57 RBIs.  Marte is a quality relief pitcher and will help the Yankees bullpen. To read the ESPN report click here.

Nady is a underrated right fielder who should give the Yanks another bat with Johnny Damon and Jorge Posada suffering from injuries.  As I said in my second half preview, I think the Yankees are going to win the AL East.  Nady will definitely help them get there.

There is five days left until the trade deadline and there should be a few more interesting trades before it's all said and done.  Matt Holliday is supposed to be on the trading block.  He could give a team a great bat during the playoff push.  The Cincinati Reds are reportedly shopping the powerful left fielder Adam Dunn.  I went to a Phillies-Reds game this season, and, during batting practice , Dunn can absolutely kill the ball.  Of the pitchers on the market, A.J. Burnett and Eric Bedard are the most intriguing. 

Now let's get get to the Phillies.  Their bats were silent again tonight against the Braves.  They got beat 8-2.   I'm sorry to say it, but the Phillies are falling apart.  Their offense is in shambles.  Jimmy Rollins is really struggling so far.  He also got benched yesterday because he showed up late for a game at Shea Stadium.  He may argue, but he shouldn't.  Manager Charlie Manuel has said it all year long: he only has two rules, hustle and don't be late.  The Phillies are two games in back of the Mets now, and they better pick it up quickly. 

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