Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fantasy Football

     Last night I participated in a fantasy football draft with some of my buddies.  I want you to rate my team on a scale of 1-10.  Alright, here's my team:

Starters (in order of round):
RB  Marshawn Lynch  (1st round pick- 10th overall)

RB  Frank Gore  (2nd round pick- 11th overall)

QB  Tony Romo  (forgive me Eagles) (3rd round pick- 30th overall)

WR  Chad Johnson  (4th round- 31st overall)

RB  Micheal Turner  (5th round pick- 50th overall)

WR  Roy Williams  (6th round pick- 51st overall)

TE  Tony Gonzalez  (7th round pick- 70th overall)

Defense-  Seattle  (12th round pick- 111 overall)

Kicker-  Shaun Suisham  (15th round pick- 150th overall)


WR Calvin Johnson  (8th round- 71st overall)
WR Chris Chambers  (9th round- 90th overall)
RB  Kevin Smith  (10th round- 91st overall)
RB  Felix Jones  (11th round- 11oth overall)
QB  Jake Delhomme  (13th round- 130th overall)
TE  Todd Heap  (14th round- 131st overall)

     I think I have a pretty good team.  My bench is not great, especially not the two rookie running backs (Smith and Jones).  But maybe one of those guys will be this year's Marshawn Lynch.  So, I want to know what YOU think of my team.  Rank it 1-10.


  1. Your team is terrible. I dont think you will be able to compete with the top teams in your league, especially the team, "Get Some." Kyle will be the only team you can beat. just kidding. You should be a contender, as long as Gore doesnt have a repeat performance of last year, because your running back depth isnt that great...speaking of which, wanna make a move for some insurance? I am always listening to offers.

  2. You know I always interested in a trade. What are you thinking?

  3. you like chris johnson?

    how bout selvin young?