Friday, August 15, 2008

Miracle Man

SIMPLY AMAZING. If you didn't watch Micheal Phelps last race (it was about 10:10pm ET), you missed one for the ages. Phelps out touched Serbian Milorad Cavic for his seventh gold medal of these Olympic Games. Heading into the final 50 meters, Cavic was in front of Phelps, but Phelps caught up. They were right next to each other at the wall and it looked like Cavic won. But then the name "Phelps" showed up across the screen next to the number one.

Cavic went underwater and reached out to touch the wall, while Phelps kept on swimming. Cavic slowed himself down by reaching, and Phelps swam right into the wall without losing speed. Phelps beat Cavic by the slimmest of margins. A minuscule 0.01.

Micheal Phelps has raced in two of the most exciting sporting events I have EVER witnessed. And that's just this week. The relay earlier in the week, where Jason Lezak chased down France, was an instant classic. And this recent race was REMARKABLE. Micheal Phelps now has seven gold medals (with his win in the 100-meter butterfly) and he will race for number eight on Saturday.

Phelps will pass Mark Spitz for the most gold medals in one Olympiad if he wins one final relay tomorrow. If Phelps can win that event, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the greatest Olympian (and maybe athlete?) EVER.

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