Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flyers Interested in Sundin?

A recent rumor has the Flyers interested in veteran center Mats Sundin. Well, GM Paul Holmgren made things clear when he said this on the Flyers' website, "If he decides to play, then we're interested." Holmgren also said that it would be hard to fit Sundin under the salary cap, and that the Flyers wouldn't let a part of their promising future go to aquire Sundin.

Mats Sundin is a great player, and probably a future hall-of-famer. He is getting old however (37), and he has not made a decision on whether he should come back for a fourteenth NHL season. Sundin had 32 goals last season to go along with 46 assists. For his career, Sundin has 555 goals.

A report on a a Toronto radio station said that the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers would be Sundin's first choices on where to play next season.

If Sundin does come to Philly, it would be the first time he played for an NHL team located in the U.S. I hope the Flyers can lock up Sundin to give them another proven player. Most of their players are young and it would be good to have a veteran leader like Sundin in the locker room.

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