Friday, August 22, 2008

Myers Looking Good

     Yes, Brett Myers was in Triple A not too long ago.  Yes, he was the worst Phillies pitcher in the first half of the season (sorry, Adam Eaton).  But now Myers (right) has the second best ERA since the All-Star break.  The first in ERA since the All-Star break, the one and only C.C. Sabathia.

     I went to the game on Wednesday night and Myers pitched a beauty of a game.  A complete game shutout.  Yeah, it was against the dreadful Nationals, but it's much better than the Myers of April or May.

     "Defense, who needs defense."  That was the motto of Wednesday night's game.  Two of the errors were simply horrible.  Pat Burrell completely misjudged a fly ball to left field and the ball flew over the befuddled outfielder.  The other one was committed the Nationals.  Shortstop Ronnie Belliard went back in shallow left to field a fly ball, only to see the ball bounce right off his glove.  Another horrendous defense play (that wasn't ruled an error) was a botched underhand flip by the defensive challenged Ryan Howard.  Howard was completly off target with a flip to the pitcher Myers (the man couldn't hit the Green Monster with a throw from 20 yards away.)

     Alright let's get back to Brett (second half wonder) Myers.  I think it was Shane Victorino who said that having Myers pitching well was the same as getting a good pitcher at the trade deadline.  I couldn't disagree more.  Myers was expected to be a quality player at the start of the season and only to find out that he was completely ineffective.  So, really, he has been a disappointment and, frankly, the Phillies would be sitting on first place right now had Myers pitched even average at the beginning.

     But Myers should (if he keeps pitching well)  win the Comeback Player of the Year Award.  Myers has a minuscule 1.93 ERA along with three wins and only one loss since the All-Star Game.  Opposing batters are batting .200 against him in the same time period.  Amazing turnaround.   

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