Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yanks Struggling Despite Win

I was at the Yankee game yesterday afternoon. It was my first time at Yankee Stadium, but more on that later. Let's talk about the game. In the 13th inning, Yankee's outfielder Brett Gardner drove in second basemen Robinson Cano for the winning run. That gave the Yankees a 3-2 win over Kansas City.

It was actually a pretty boring game in the beginning. The Royals led by two until the seventh, when the Yankees tied it up. There was good pitching from both teams. Starters Sidney Ponson (Yankees) and Zach Greinke (Royals) both pitched well.

There seemed to be a double play every inning. The Yankees were getting hits, only to be thwarted by double plays. There were a combined total of seven double plays in the game.

The Yankees were having a extremely tough time driving in runs. And in the end, it wasn't A-Rod (upper right) or Jeter or any of the other stars that drove in the game-winning run. No, it was Brett Gardner. He of the .176 batting average, who usually receives little playing time.

A-Rod actually had two chances to win the game, one with a runner on second, in extras. If the Yankees want to be back in the playoff picture, they need more production with runners in scoring position. That's the same problem the Phillies have.

The Red Sox and Rays lost last night, which is very good for the Yanks. The Yankees are now 9.5 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East and 6 games behind in the Wild Card.

Hopefully later this week I will post about my actual experience at The Stadium and also show some pictures.

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