Monday, August 11, 2008

Phelps Captures Second Gold Medal in Stunners

Micheal Phelps increased his gold medal count to two late last night, but only by the slimmest of margins. Phelps is now two for two in medal races. Those two races were considered the toughest and Phelps is in good shape now that he won the 400-meter freestyle relay 400-meter individual medley.

Last night's race was completely stunning. Phelps raced first and put the U.S. in good position. Coming down the stretch, Jason Lezak (the anchor for the U.S. team) caught France's Alain Bernard, who was ahead by a body length. Lezak touched the wall just before Bernard.

Bernard said that the French team (who were the favorites) would "smash" the Americans. It turns out the jokes on him.

Let's get back to the race. It was the most exciting swimming race that I have ever seen. In horse racing you win by a nose; in swimming, you win by a touch, and that's exactly what Jason Lezak did. It was easily the most exciting event in the Olympics so far.

Micheal Phelps will try for his third gold medal tonight at 10:15 pm Eastern Time. I think he will win all eight events. He has already won the toughest events for him. You should have seen him cheering on Lezak.

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