Sunday, August 24, 2008

U.S. Basketball Redeems Itself

The U.S. men's basketball team has finally done it. They beat Spain in a surprisingly exciting game. Dwayne Wade was the leading scorer for the Americans, collecting 27 points off the bench. Kobe Byrant also scored 20 points for Team USA.

No, I didn't stay up 'till 2:30am to watch the game. I watched the replay this morning, and I was surprised by how close the game was. The final score was 118-107, but the game was closer than that.

Spain was within two as late as the fourth quarter, but the United States just overpowered them in the end. I bet the whole U.S. men's basketball team is relived that the could capture the gold in Beijing, after getting the bronze in Athens.

This team has really surprised me. No, I wasn't surprised that they won the gold. I was surprised by the amount of teamwork they exhibited. This wasn't the typical U.S. basketball team. Each player had a role and each player focused on fulfilling that role. The typical U.S. basketball is full of star players trying to be the hero.

It was almost like a home game for the Americans. the Chinese were supporting the U.S. team, mostly because they were amazed by the NBA stars. Another reason might have been the controversial picture that was taken of the Spanish basketball team. All the players posed for a picture, in which they stretched out their eyes, trying to make fun of Asians.

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