Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phillies Back in Second

After last night's thrilling win, you'd think the Phillies would be inspired to best the Mets yet again. But no, the game has just ended in a 6-3 defeat of the Phils, to put them back in second place in the NL East by a mere half a game.

Lasts night's 13 inning marathon was a great game to be a Phillie fan. The Mets absolutely pounded Jamie Moyer and jumped out to a seven run lead. But then Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins cracked a pair of homers to chip a way at the lead. The agony on the Mets fans' faces said it all. They had seen this game many times before. They knew that no lead was safe with that train wreck they call a bullpen.

Tonight, it was the Phillies bullpen who coughed up a lead. Mind you, it wasn't a seven run lead, but a one run lead. Who does Uncle Charlie put in to protect that lead? None other than Rudy Seanez. As soon as I saw him warming up in the pen, I yelled at the T.V., "Please, anybody but him!" And that's when the Mets tied the ballgame. Lidge gave up the other three runs in the eighth.

GO HOME METS FANS. That's what most Phillie fans were saying at the end of this game. The T.V. camera kept showing all these Mets fans scattered all over the park, leading cheers and taunting the Phils. We, Phillies fans, don't really care if Mets fans come to our stadium. Hey, it's a free country. But we don't want you cheering (or starting cheers), standing, clapping, or really make any sudden movements. We don't want to know your there.

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