Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jets a Contender?

Sorry for not writing about this sooner (I was away): Brett Favre was traded to the Jets late Wednesday night for an conditional draft pick(s). Here's the deal: The Jets get Favre. If Favre plays less than 50% of the Jets' total snaps, the Packers get a fourth rounder. If he plays 50% of the snaps, the Packers get a third rounder. If he plays 70% and the Jets make the playoffs, a second round pick is going to Green Bay. If he plays 80% or more and the Jets make the Super Bowl, it's a first round pick. And finally, if the Jets trade him to the Vikings, it's three first rounders.

This was a good move for the Jets. Their quarterbacks were Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens, both not good quarterbacking options. Chad Pennington was dropped shortly after the Favre trade. I think this makes the Jets a real contender. I know Favre is well past his prime, but he showed last year that he can still be a premium quarterback.

What does this mean for Green Bay? Well, it means that Aaron Rodgers will be the starting quarterback and G.M. Ted Thompson doesn't have to worry about Brett Favre showing up at camp. The Packers' management is relived that they worked a deal to send Favre far, far away.

So, are the Jets a contender. Will the Jets finally fight their way out of the cellar now that Favre is in command. They will be. They have pretty good wide receivers in Laveraneus Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. The defense should be very good also. The Jets will be a borderline playoff team this season.

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