Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Igoudala Locked Up

Sources have just told ESPN that the 76ers and Andre Iguodala have agreed to a huge multi year deal. The deal would keep the forward/guard in a Sixer uniform until 2014 and pay him 80 million. He averaged close to 20 points per game last season along with 5.4 rebounds and 4.8 assists. Iguodala is also a very good defender. Don't expect Iguodala to average as many points because now the Sixers have a proven scorer in Elton Brand. Iguodala was a restricted free agent.

This will set up two good players in their prime for a long while, which the Sixers were unable to do with Allen Iverson. Elton Brand (the other player) is also locked in a deal with the Sixers. The 1-2 tandem of Brand-Iguodala (and possibly Thaddeus Young) will put the Sixers on the map in the East.

Iguodala is especially lethal in fast break situations, and he can also drive to the hoop. One of the most breath-taking players in the game, Iguodala can dunk on big men in the lane. Although Iguodala is not the greatest shooter, he can still knock down some long distance shots. Very streaky as a shooter.

So now with Iguodala signed, general manager Ed Stefanski can sit back and watch the Sixers shoot to the top of the East. Knock on wood (or Elton Brand's Achilles tendon). Anything can happen in basketball, just look at the Sixers surprise season last year.

I am actually excited for Sixer basketball for the first time in several years. I remember what the papers were saying about the Sixers last around this time. The Sixers will finish in the lower part of the standings and will wait a few as young players mature and money for free agents pile up. And you saw what happened.


  1. Breathtaking? I'll tell you whats breathtaking!!!! The Twister at Knoebels!!!!!

  2. ...knock on wood (or elton brands achilles heal)<-----bahahahaha!