Sunday, August 3, 2008

Favre Fighting for Job?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has officially reinstated Brett Favre (right).  He will be in camp on Tuesday.  There is an interesting story developing out of this.  It is rumored that Packers' head coach Mike McCarthy will let Favre and Aaron Rodgers battle it out for the starting quarterback job.  I know what your thinking: Packers' camp will be a three ring circus.

Earlier this weak, we learned of a deal that would pay Brett 25 million dollars to stay home.  The Packers were actually going to pay this.  Favre said he was even considering taking the money and spending the rest of his days sitting on a lawn chair.  Did he realize that would make him look like a total sellout.  He keeps saying how he yearns for the chance to play, and then he takes the money.  But maybe that was his plan all along.  Hey, I'll retire for 25 million bucks any day.

This makes me think: How does Aaron feel about this.  I wish I could interview him now.  First, the organization (and that includes the coach) says they would rather have Rodgers than Favre.  That's a real self-esteem builder; the Packers pick you instead of a future-hall of famer.  But now, you might have to fight it out with Favre to even start.

Is this what the Packers are really going to do?  I don't think they should.  They are putting Aaron Rodgers in a tight spot and (like I've said before) making their camp look like a three ring circus looking for its ring master.  Think how that must anger Rodgers, but he'll never say it.  I think they'll wind up trading him right before the first preseason game.

What if Rodgers wins the job?  That would be something, Mike McCarthy telling Brett Favre that he will be riding the bench this season.  But Favre wouldn't settle for that, he would definitely demand a trade.  And then the soap opera would continue.

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