Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bradley Out for the Season

Sorry I couldn't post about this topic earlier in the week, but my computer was having technical difficulties. The Eagles are having some difficulties as well (but not of the same kind). Middle linebacker Steward Bradley is out for the season with a tore ACL. Joe Mays will likely take his starting job.

First of all, Bradley sustained this injury at Eagles Flight Night, a promotional event at the Linc. The event is basically a practice with fans and giveaways. A night that was supposed to be fun for Eagles fans has turned out to be anything but.

Head coach Andy Reid was steamed at a press conference when asked about Bradley's injury. He said he would not confirm it even after the team and Bradley's agent had already done so. He then went on an apparent tirade on the media for essentially doing their job.

Reid: “We won’t talk about injuries today. Some of your colleagues here decided that they would go to the players and/or other personnel here and ask about injuries. I made a pact with you guys when I first got here that I would disclose to you the injuries – just stay away from the players, stay away from other personnel in the organization, and I would take care of you with that."

Does Reid understand that a reporter's livelihood is interviewing players and/or personnel. Also I'd like to know more about this "pact" made between Reid and Eagles reporters. Is there a signed contract somewhere that we should know about?

This is just Andy being his old ignorant self. He is a control freak who wants to manipulate any news coming out of Eagles camp. Reid doesn't give a crap about us fans. We deserve to know about a injury to a key defensive player. We pay your salary through paying to see you coach, the least you could do is acknowledge a injury of this magnitude.

Another problem I have with Reid (and these are starting to pile up) is why he is blaming the reporters. Maybe he should blame Bradley's agent or the his bosses in the front office. The Eagles organization did acknowledge an injury to Bradley.

To say the least, I'm am not a big Andy fan. This may be me being cynical about the Eagles (wouldn't be the first time), but this has not been a good start to camp.

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