Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moyer "Disheartened" About Move to Bullpen

Jamie Moyer reacted today to Phillies decision to move him to the bullpen in favor of Pedro Martinez. Moyer deserves to be demoted to the bullpen, but a part of me feels bad for him. He's a good guy who feels like he's been "misled."

Moyer: “I'm really not happy with this decision that the Phillies have made. I will take what they've asked me to do, but I’m not really excited about the decision that has been made. Ultimately, I'm a little disheartened because this past winter when I was negotiating with the Phillies this was a sore thumb, if you will, about this potentially happening.

“I feel disheartened and misled, but I refuse to be a distraction."

While Moyer is in the bullpen now, who knows what could happen in a month. Pedro could get pasted, and Moyer could be right back in. And the team is looking for a closer, Jamie.

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