Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lee Masterful in Debut

cliff lee, philly by artolog.

Cliff Lee has arrived, ladies and gentleman. Lee's first start as a Phillie came last night against the Giants. He pitched his third complete game in four starts last night, giving up only 1 run in a 5-1 Phillies victory.

Lee didn't even allow a hit until the 6th inning, by which time Lee himself had already recorded a hit. Lee later said that he was happy he didn't throw a no-hitter in his first start as a Phillie, "I'm kinda glad I didn't throw a no-hitter. If I did that the first time, I'd have to live up to some high expectations." Yeah, but a no-hitter would be pretty sweet way to introduce yourself to the fans.

Cliff later hit a double off the centerfield wall that was this close to a homer: "I got the first hit and I was pretty pumped about that but you get a double off the wall in the opposite-field gap, I totally never expected that."

"I felt comfortable. It's a loose clubhouse, everybody's nice. It was an easy transition for me," Lee said. "When I get on the field, I can just throw to the mitt and everything else is kind of irrelevant. I wasn't ever nervous or anything. I felt good about getting that first inning out of the way, getting that first guy out and putting up a zero." Great first impression, Cliff.

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