Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reid Confirms Vick Debut

Andy Reid said today that Michael Vick will make his Eagles debut Thursday night against the Jaguars. If everything goes well over the next few practices. I guess that means, unless Vick gets injured, he will appear in the game this week.

Reid: "I want to see how he does this week. He worked throughout the week here as we went to the game [in Indianapolis]. He did a couple of workouts here and was here yesterday on the players' day off and worked hard. He's getting through that soreness and we'll just see how it goes for this week as he goes through practice.

"I think he wants to get in and play again. I can't tell you right now how much he is going to play. But he's shooting to play this game.

"It looks like -- I'm talking the football side -- it looks like he's in pretty good shape. You could tell he's done some running and some lifting. It looked like he started out a little rusty throwing the ball and as the week went on that smoothed out for him a little bit."

Good. I will be watching for Vick. It will definitely be exciting to see how Vick can play. Some people have suggested that Vick won't play because Reid doesn't want him to be the focus, but the team because of their sloppy play two days ago.

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