Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reactions to Vick's First Practice

he Philadelphia Eagles newest acquisition was on the practice field today at the NovaCare Complex. Michael Vick's first impressions from his new teammates were very good. Although Vick is still trying to get into football shape, his teammates were impressed with him today.

Safety Quintin Mikell: “That was great too. He was dropping some dimes in 1-on-1s. He looked good. We were joking – we wanted to see him take off one time, but he wouldn’t do it.”

Receiver Reggie Brown: “He’s taking it slow. I know how strong his arm is – but still accurate."

Receiver Danny Amendola: "He throws the ball the ball as hard as anybody I've ever seen." “He throws the ball as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen."

Vick himself said he felt "great" during practice. Coach Andy Reid said Vick needs to lose "2-3 pounds" or "5 pounds". Vick should be able to do that easily after some practices in the Philly heat.

Andy Reid: “Now, he’s not getting any younger, but once he gets back in shape, I don’t think you’re going to see person that’s slower and can’t throw as well.” Let's hope for your sake, Andy.

The Eagles organization shouldn't be worried about fans boycotting their team. I was actually at a Jersey shore beach today and I saw a plane whose banner read, "Shame on Eagles... boycott the game." No real Eagles fan would boycott their team just because they do not agree with a decision they made.

I am hearing a lot of people on the radio and on the computer saying that they will never root for the Eagles again, or that they will start rooting for the Steelers. That won't hurt the Eagles. Those "fans" wouldn't be the ones shelling $80 for a game or God-knows-how-much for season tickets.

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