Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lee Continuing to Dominate

Cliff Lee has been nothing short of spectacular since joining the Phillies. In three starts with the Phils, Lee has pitched 7 innings or more in each of the starts. He has allowed only one run in each of the three starts. GM Rueben Amaro Jr. must be smiling right now.

In today's game, Lee went 8 innings giving up a run in a 6-1 Phillies win in Wrigley. The Phillies swept the Cubs in the not-so-friendly confines. Nice way to bounce back from the Marlin series.

The Phillies offense was alive during the final two games of the series. Cliff Lee just praised the offense on 950 ESPN radio. Lee wasn't getting that kind of O in Cleveland. I don't have the exact words from Lee because I just heard it on the radio.

Ryan Howard took a break from striking out once today, hitting a 3-run bomb. Maybe this offense outbreak at Wrigley will linger on to Atlanta. The Phils need to get as far ahead of this division as possible.

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