Monday, August 10, 2009

Phils Swept by Marlins

The Phillies got blown out 12-3 yesterday in an embarrassingly sloppy game at Citizens Bank Park. I was in attendance during yesterday's game against the Marlins and I am disgusted by what I saw: a Phillies team that seems to be falling apart.

Jamie Moyer gave up only 2 earned runs in 5 innings, but he also gave up 11 hits in what should be his last start this season. The Phillies bats managed only three runs in the ball game. The Phillies need to start hitting the ball with runners in scoring position.

In the 7th inning, home plate umpire Ed Rapuano threw Shane Victorino out of the ball game from centerfield. Victorino raised his hands in the air after a borderline strike from Rodrigo Lopez was called a ball. Rapuano threw Shane out of the game, and Victorino ran up from centerfield and got in Rapuano's face. Several players had to hold Victorino back from Rapuano, clearly afraid Shane was going to harm Rapuano.

I have never seen a umpire throw a guy out of the game for putting his hands up in the field. Rapuano has never been good at calling balls and strikes (that was on display the previous half inning during Howard's at-bat). Shane Victorino should not be suspended or fined under any means. If anything, Rapuano should be disciplined.

After the confrontation, we fans at the Bank booed every call Rapuano made. Believe me, Rapuano was really getting it from the fans. The fans also taunted Rapuano by chanting "Vic-to-ri-no!" over and over again.

Jayson Werth took over center field for Victorino. Werth made an atrocious play when a grounder went directly under his glove with the bases loaded. Three runs scored and the Phils were mentally done.

Brad (7.24 ERA) Lidge comes into the game in the ninth with the Phils down 9-3. Even in a completely no-pressure situation, Lidge gave up three runs in the ninth... not exactly how your closer should pitch.

Brad Lidge should not be the closer. He comes in and is almost guaranteed to give up a run or two. Lidge should not be put in a close game. They need to find another guy in the bullpen to step up because Lidge should be relegated to mop-up duty.

Charlie Manuel held a 20-minute meeting after the game, clearly frustrated with how his team is performing.

Manuel: "I can tell you this. I was upset by the way we played today. I thought we lost our composure and did things we don't normally do. We can do much better. We're not the team you saw on the field today.'' If you want to make a playoff run (or the playoffs at all), you better be.

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