Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lee Wins Home Debut; Happ To Stay in Rotation

Cliff Lee has arrived at Citizens Bank Park. He lead the Phillies to a 3-1 win over the Colorado Rockies. Lee gave up only one run in 7 innings, striking out 9. Paul Bako, who has been a solid pick-up, smashed a homer.

In his first two starts, Lee has been as advertised. If he can continue pitching well, the Phils playoff rotation will be just fine. And J. A. Happ better be in it.

General Manager Rueben Amaro Jr. has confirmed that Happ will stay in the rotation, even if Pedro Martinez is ready to pitch, after his complete game shutout last night.

Amaro: "Happ's not going anywhere. He deserves to stay in the rotation. He's pitched very well. He's probably been our most effective starter." Indeed he has, Mr. Amaro.

Amaro: "We still haven't made a decision, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that six guys could pitch in our rotation." Well, pitching coach Rich Dubee doesn't like the idea, nor does Charlie Manuel. I might call that "out of the realm of possibility."

What is not out of the realm of possibility is that Jamie Moyer should move to the bullpen in favor of Pedro. I have been saying this for days, so I'm not going to restate my reasons. Don't release Moyer, just in case Pedro fizzles out.

The reason I don't like the 6-man rotation is because it is giving two rotation spots to over-the-hill pitchers. I'd rather have Pedro and Hamels than Pedro then Moyer. The 5th starter job should be given to either Moyer or Martinez, not both.

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